Liesl Ujvary & Oliver Stummer




Trautonium jetztzeit was a concert by electronic musician Tomoroh Hidari (for various sakes here operating under his birth name Oliver Stummer) together with Austrian avant-garde writer, media artist and musician Liesl Ujvary, as part of the exhibition “Zauberhafte Klangmaschinen” by IMA in Austrian Hainburg. A show which should give every synth and electronic music and electronics geek and basically every mortal in the realms of electronic music wet dreams, as it is a great show of its history.Here is a link to the exhibition webpage:


We have edited and mastered the recording from this concert and created an album which can be downloaded at Liesl Ujvary’s page:

It features brandnew compositions for Trautonium and computer-treated Trautonium and Software-Emulations, as live-improvisations in 3 Movements:

1st Movement:     Liesl Ujvary Laptop & Composition

                           Oliver Stummer Trautonium

2nd Movement:     Oliver Stummer Laptop & Composition

                           Liesl Ujvary Trautonium

3rd Movement:   Liesl Ujvary Laptop Improvisation & Trautonium

                           Oliver Stummer Laptop Improvisation & Trautonium

Total Running Time ca. 44min

The Studio Album:

Before playing the concert we created a “Studio” Album with recordings made in Hainburg and then edited in our respective studios. This Album we called “Trautonium Jetztzeit”. It is also available on Liesl Ujvary’s webpage –


A track from this Album was later on featured on Vol 6. of the Acclaimed Compilation Series: An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music on Sub Rosa.

check it out here:
Furthermore I was invited to attend the Oskar Sala/Trautonium Symposium “Subharmonische Tage” in Weimar in 2010, where I gave a talk about our experiences working with both, Hardware Trautonium and Software Emulation.


Except for using some samples from the Hainburg Sessions on Black Star #5 Trautonium Reggae I haven’t had much time to work on Trautonium related music since… but there are still plans!