Tomoroh Hidari Live Recordings

This is a collection of live recordings that are available for streaming or dl. It is in no way complete as a) quite a few gigs did not get recorded and b) some still are not uploaded. You may want to check back again sometimes for updates – which will of course be announced via twitter and facebook.


Tomoroh Hidari & ZUKA – Tyme Hole Zykness

Recorded Live at Rhiz on 31.12.2000 to celebrate 2001 and black monoliths…

Tomoroh Hidari – electronics
ZUKA – electrified Cello page

Tomoroh Hidari – 80s Sh#tmix PPC Graz 18.06.2003

from “Break the 80s” Event.

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Tomoroh Hidari – Live at the Waste-Time-Continuum for Radio FM4’s Dog’s Bollocks 24.09.2004

A special one hour Live on the Radio set on Austria’s ‘Underground’ or ‘Alternative Mainstream’ (their marketing department’s words, not mine) Radio Station fm4. Stream online via

Tomoroh Hidari – Live at the Restless w/Wevie Stonder & Amtrack 2004-10-09

Also hosted on this recording features first the Wevie Stonder live set, then mine and then Amtrack’s DJ Set.

Tomoroh Hidari – Adieu Sweet Bahnhof Live at FlucMensa penultimate night 27.03.2005

Adieu Sweet Bahnhof was recorded during the 3 day festival of the closing of fluc mensa at Bahnhof Wien Nord

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Tomoroh Hidari – Live at Sorry, no Bonus!, Rhiz, Vienna 16.02.2007

this one, again, is online on

but large parts of it were edited and remastered to become part of the (live) album: ‘And Music Became its own Grandma…’ released on Digital Vomit Records and also available via my bandcamp page (pay as you like)

Tomoroh Hidari – Live in the Studio 11.2008

Live in the studio is basically the Set which – though going through quite a few versions and changing and swapping tracks and all each time – I played at all gigs from Dublin in Oct.08 to Elevate 2010

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Tomoroh Hidari – Live at Arena Wien 12.01.2009

An inline recording of a live act in early 2009… This was the first time I met (and played the same night as) Hecate.
…focussing on recent tracks (from the Also Spoke Zerothruster EP”, some “fun stuff” and some unreleased recordings

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Tomoroh Hidari – live at 3Raum, Arena Wien15.01.2010

From my “A light at the End of the Orgy” – Diploma party. This time also playing were DeathIsNotAColor, Bobby Velvet, Dystopian Dub Developments and Hecate. This Recording was made by Brian Albers

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Tomoroh Hidari – live at ELEVATE, Uhrturmkasematten, Graz 23.10.2010

Online for streaming from

Tomoroh Hidari@Elevate Festival 2010 – Visuals by suffix from Korsett on Vimeo.

Tomoroh Hidari – Stoned Tones live at Lange Nacht der Museen, MuMok, Wien, 06.10.2012

Supposedly there’s also an audio recording of this one, but so far I’ve yet to get my hands on it. Meanwhile here’s two video excerpts.

Tomoroh Hidari – live at noise=noise, Regent Studios, London 28.02.2013

NEW: a recording of my recent gig at noise=noise in London is up for streaming from my soundcloud page. This is part of the (planned) The Great Black Matter Swindle circle of concerts. Once there is more material I plan to release a live-album via bandcamp. Meanwhile, have a listen here:

more to come,  so come back soon!


If you’d rather witness me playing in the flesh (not in the nude, though) get your local Good Music Booker[tm] to invite me.

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