– this might be incomplete.

Some Stars not yet Black Holes – 2x 12″/digital

Record Label Records 2012

for vinyl: Record Label Records > Tomoroh Hidari – Some Stars Not Yet Black Holes


Some Stars not yet Remixes – digital

the remix companion to Some Stars not yet Black Holes with remixes by The24seven, I am Ape, Automatic Tasty, Fluorescent Grey, Photphob, Nommo Ogo

Record Label Records 2012

The Black Star Variations – digital

laridae 2011

The Black Star Variations


The Black Star Variations – on laridae.at



Stoned Tones Vol 2 remixes: Lithophonurgia sinistra – digital

Vienna Wildstyle 2011


And Music Became Its Own Grandma… – digital

Digital Vomit 2009

Also Spoke Zerothruster – 12″/digital

Record Label Records 2008
for vinyl: http://www.recordlabelrecords.org/tomoroh-hidari-also-spoke-zerothruster.html

13 Objects. Or: A Dadaist, A Surrealist And A Group Of Random Bystanders Marvel At The Ferocious Whateverism Of The ‘Pataphysician – digital

bruit.at 2007


The Necrophonicon – CD

Isolate 2004



currently deleted. only few remaining copies. best to search via discogs.




Alien Audio Absurdities – digital

Record Label Records 2008 – originally recorded 2001


Dubnihilism – digital

Record Label Records 2008 – originally from 2000


more info: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Tomoroh+Hidari

or do your own research. thanks.