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Tomoroh Hidari

2001 – 2014


[c] bert könighofer

young tomoroh hidari

Tomoroh Hidari has released music on Isolate Records (us), Record Label Records (us), laridae (at),  Mekobira JP, Digital Vomit (US/UK), Lee (AT), Cock Rock Disco (D), Authorised Version (UK), Bedroom Research (FR), Entity (BE) and collaborated with a multitude of gifted artists such as Subjex (Schematic, Planet µ), Takeshi Muto (Schematic), Hans Platzgumer/Aura Anthropica (Disco B), and more.
He is one of only a handful of artists who have written and performed original music for the legendary  Mixtur- Trautonium in this century. Trautonium Jetztzeit and Trautonium Livekonzert. Two albums from this collaboration  with Liesl Ujvary- where he is credited under his other name Oliver Stummer – are available for free download via Liesl Ujvary’s website.

An excerpt from this work was presented on Sub Rosa’s eminent “Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music 6!.

Also credited as Oliver Stummer, he has created pieces for ORF Kunstradio, Theater (Volkstheater Wien), Short-Films and given (a few) talks – his Master thesis in Media/Communications “Musik als Sinnmatritze – Ein systemtheoretischer Versuch zur Klärung” (Music as a Matrix of Meaning – A Systems-Theory approach) reflects his fascination for the epistemology and neuroscience of music-perception, as well as the cultural, anthropological and social-psychological processes at play in the generation of musical meaning.

[c]bert könighofer

cyber-hidari in a lovecraftian jam… (both illustrations [c] bert könighofer]

These reflections led him to create the Liz-Anna trilogy under the alias his Namelessness Is Legion released on mahorka (BG) where most other hNIL album were released in Summer.
He is also The Dubnihilist, thus sometimes refers to himself as Nemo von Nirgends.

Dissatisfied with the latest trends in music Tomoroh Hidari ended his activities in 2014.